What hurts, is that she goes out of her way not to cause them any pain. Even if it means, she, is the one crying herself to sleep at times…stupid we know. What I don’t get, is why? it is so easy for her to see whats wrong and know whats right….but for them they seem to struggle? 


They don’t struggle.

They choose.

They choose to ask for the things they think, will make her cry. They choose to want for themselves the things that would make her smile….they wait with desires like claws till the moment when she could be made blissfully happy. They ask, they cry, they plead and [some] threaten to die – die! at their own; hands! Birthdays, Birth dates nothing is sacred. Their time Her time His time Their time, nothing is clear. Yet still she carries on trying to be without judgment. For when the dust settles, she WILL be the last one standing.


2 thoughts on “Storm


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