Hair Etiquette Prt 1

Hair Etiquette…


Simple hair etiquette states, that for ones crown to be deemed acceptable, it must not smell, or look unkept for longer than it takes to wash and style (kind of like a child).  Well, this is my opinion anyway…so, will someone please explain to me why on Tuesday morning I decided to deep condition my hair with a sweet almond, neem oil, alma oil, apple cider vinegar protein treatment and conditioner mix and let it do its thing whilst I did my laundry at the launderette? Go on I’ll wait…..


Ok maybe u can tell me why today is Saturday (it’s actually 9:14 so technically it’s night) and I STILL haven’t rinsed said concoction from my hair…If my 6.5 inches fall off…I have no one but myself to blame lol.(woohoo 9 months natural today!!!) Say it with me now…Nasty.  I just cannot be bothered to deal with the after chores of washing my hair this week!

I want to take a pic just so you can see the state of my so totally over protein treated hair but pride (yes I have some) won’t allow even me to risk that being around to haunt the remainder of my cyber life.

I’ll just let you know (when I finally wash it out)if I have hair left…I’m sure this has set me back like two inches.

So there you have it my first post on what not to do with your hair…well unless my hair turns out super soft and shiny when I’m finished…in which case I’ll recommend it to everyone :P

Before I go I’ll just fill you in on how I usually deep condition my hair…What I do is,

  •  mix neem oil, amla oil and sweet almond oil together in a bottle and apply to warm rinsed hair.This is because the heat in the water opens the cuticle allowing for the oil treatment to get right in there.

  Please note that I only do this on hair that is relatively clean…otherwise I do a quick shampoo with Tresseme Naturals (the moisture one) I should really learn the correct name, and then apply the oils.

  •  Once my hair is good and covered, I’ll add ontop some moisturising conditioner (whatever works best for you)

Every other week I’ll add to this conditioner an apple cider vinegar protein treatment and slap that ontop. cover with a carrier bag cover that with a scarf and finally a hat and leave it in till my bedtime shower or if I’ve done that already, till the following day. 

  • Where I’ll saturate my hair with lukewarm water add loads of conditioner and proceed to detangle.
  •  Then I’ll rinse clean with as cold as I can bear it water
  • microwave some shea butter and sweet almond oil mix it with some rosewater, glycerin and aloe vera and vatika styling creams

…I know the consensus is moisturise and seal…but that wasn’t working for me…I felt like I was just topically moisturising my tresses…so I figured…if I melt everything together (oh yes I am lazy) I could make the mixture warm enough to open my hair cuticles enough to  apply  it to my soaking hair thus getting the stuff inside and out…result of this experiment…5 day moisturised hair…I kid you not my hair does not feel dry…(well at the minute it does…see above if u don’t know why)…The only moisture I add is in the mornings when I’m fluffing my twists…I’ve now lost my train of thought so that means I should probably move on…



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