Hair Etiquette (prt 2) the results

Hey guys! Happy For God gave his only son that we might have a second chance at eternal life!!!!

As promised…well, i think I promised, I am here to tell you about the after results of my 7 day (I kid you not) deep conditioning treatment. If you don’t know what i’m talking about…CLICK HERE.

What I Noticed

  1. My hair felt thicker…by thicker I do not mean the density increased just that individual strands felt moreish almost like they had been filled in.  This could be due to the protein temporarily filling in any cracks for as we know once damaged, hair cannot repair itself.
  2. I also noticed my ends were no longer as frizzy and held together well when twisted.
  3. When looking at the ends of my hair the distance between the full section and the oops I think it might be time for a dust/trim section,had shrunk…
  4. Reason being once again the protein filling effect or my ends broke.  I don’t think my ends broke…simply because when doing a length check my hair which usually touched the end of my nose was able to stretch to my upperlip.
  5. Finally my curl pattern became more pronounced…as in the different sections of my hair came into themselves I now know I have 3c-4c hair throughout my head…
  6. On detangling my hair I lost about a 10cent/5p size amount of hair…
  7. But the best part is! My hairline has some patches that look like a number two haircut (barbershop terminology) and I’ve noticed they are much much fuller now…I can plait them myself!
  8. Oh and it made my skin flare up booo 😦


My recommendation, do not try this at home lol and if you do tell me how it went.

My plan was to go into a four/three week baggying trial…but stupidly I went swimming the day after and had to undo all the good things which may or may not have resulted from my 7 day treatment.

I intend to repeat the process once a month but maybe for half the time.



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