Hair Regime now and then

What I did was…

·        When my hair was in the teeny weenie afro stage (TWA), I would co wash (washing with conditioner alone…no shampoo/no poo method) every night/day this was because after my big chop my hair was very dry and very straight so I was all about getting as much moisture as I could in there.  Now I do it depending how my hair feels.

·        I never blow dry.

·        I only shampoo once a month.

·        I always detangle/ comb my hair when its soaking wet and saturated with conditioner or really damp and super moisturised.

·        Then I apply a leave in conditioner….hair oil….hair crème.

·        Now a lot of naturals say stay away from certain chemical compounds coz they block pores n stuff…I say do what feels right for your hair….I’m allergic to mineral oils, petrolatums and lanolin so the choice for me isn’t really that hard…I will say this though…since I’ve stopped applying product to my scalp directly…my hair grows quicker and my scalp is much cleaner.

·        Uhm…at the moment I would recommend Tressemé Naturals (the moisture one) British ladies Superdrug usually  has a deal on 2 for 5.99 the bottles are salon size and a little goes along way so they should last you awhile I reckon.

·        Fructis Garnier is good as well.  For daily co washers on a budget! I used  it when I was transitioning and during my daily co wash days, because I could get them for 99p they had no silicones…thought there was a lot of really huge words     -_-.  I favoured the ones that concentrated on specifics like strengthening, no frizz, shine, and moisture :) things made especially for coloured hair , i.e. dyed hair,  are good too because  they shouldn’t have sulphates or a large amount of sulphates in them. (Sulphates really strip your hair giving it that dry, frizzy look and brittle feel. 

Current Regime

Shampoo once a month. Deep condition once a week. Co-wash once a week. Deep condition over night every two weeks….This is not set in stone but it’s my usual routine.

My chosen food for fros 

·        Water of course (inside and out) rose water which increases blood flow to scalp as well as helps with porosity…smells really good…stored well lasts for a long time.

·        Jojoba similar to our own skin sebum (the oil which lubricates skin and coats the hair).  Easily absorbed. Good for sensitive skin and great as a facial moisturizer.  Great for scalp and keeping frizz at bay.

·        Coconut oil Great for those with sensitive skin.  Helps to retain moisture in the hair and skin.  Protein based…(I think)

·        Sweet almond oil Perfect for sensitive skin.  Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E, as well as essential fatty acids.

Shea butter one of the best sealants ever! I apply after wash, leave in and oil, follow with oil n then a lil bit more Shea.  great for twist outs

·        Tea tree oil (for dry scalp, itchiness, acne) will unclog follicles. The anti-fungal properties of tea tree oil help to eliminate and prevent dandruff.

·        Honey (like me hee hee) is a natural humectants i.e. helps attract and retain moisture.  Conditions the hair leaving it soft and shiny.  Great for sensitive scalp and skin.  Has a long shelf life…and tastes yummy yummy yummy in ma tummy tummy tummy :D …Just to recap Honey (is goood for you)

·        Neem oil relieves dry and itchy scalp, dandruff, the symptoms of scalp psoriasis, as well as giving you shiny, stronger hair and encourages growth.

·        Amla oil enriches hair growth and pigmentation. It prevents premature greying of hair, dandruff, increases the strength of hair follicles (and thus preventing hair-fall). Customarily, a small amount of Amla oil is applied to the hair after washing. This not only brings forth a rich, natural shine and soft texture to the hair, but also helps rejuvenate hairs that are dull and damaged. It also prevents split hair ends.  (



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