Hunii T bags like all the time

T baggying or Tress baggying (I so hope this name catches on), is a slightly more extreme take on protective styling? I don’t know you tell me what you think once I’ve explained.  Baggying is a process aimed at ensuring your tresses are moisturised to the max, and that you retain length through the protection of your oh so fragile ends 😀

What I do

  • wash my hair and do all the detangly add product stuff…then  section off the front of my hair neatly and style nicely in a protective way :/ ie twists…cornrows…flat twist.
  • two strand twist the back of my hair…I prefer a chunky manner because it’s quicker.
  • spritz with my homemade moisturising mix..which is made up of one oil, a little conditioner, glycerine and water.
  • cover with either a plastic bag (if it’s been belly food shopping week) or a plastic shower cap (if it’s been hair food shopping week)
  • Then I sleep.
  • The next morning I uncover my hair till I’m ready to leave the house…you don’t want your hair to smell like funk, so I suggest giving it breathing room everyday oooh and massage that scalp!
  • Then just before I leave to go somewhere I apply a lil oil and water to my ends…just a little…you don’t want to have a permanently wet head that’s like asking for yucky scalp tenants with strange surnames like Patrick Fungii or Tara mould :/
  • cover once more with my chosen plastic covering, disguise with a beenie and bounce.
  • ooh this is where the neat front bit comes into its own, you now have the option of having a twist/braidout fringe/pompadour ooor a really cuterope braid/twist at the front….My I love you video has me baggying throughout.

Now, you have a choice of baggying your whole head or just your ends…depending on the length of your hair that is.

You can baggy under a wig or baggy your ends and add a ponytail…you can baggy if your relaxed aswell.

Some people baggy as part of a nightime routine…

If you sometimes deep condition overnight with a plastic on your head, you my friend are a T bagger too.

I plan on baggying for the next four weeks…especially after the chlorine incident *grumble* so I will hopefully have something nice to show you by the end of May.



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