CurlTalk…Things I’ve fed my hair…

  • Honey

Why? I went swimming the day after a really intense deep treatment…and the chlorine coupled with the shampoo led to my hair losing I kid you not, like 90% of its moisture content! *swoon* Poor baby was so coarse I was worried.  I applied my usual things but my hair needed extra and as I was at a friends house, I improvised…cue the next food in my list

  • Beer

Prior to my big chop I’d been advised that washing my hair with beer would help rid my hair of the relaxer quicker.  I didn’t transition long enough to try it out.  Still, on one of those really nice summer days I ran out of erm hair products and my hair was a mess…so I co washed…and did my final rinse with straight from the fridge heineken…the result was very defined hair…whether it was the beer…or the cold temp or a mixture of both things I’ll never know, but at my friends house there was honey and there was beer….sooo I erm improvised….twisted my hair into chunks and baggied.

The results weren’t bad, My hair softened up…and my individual kinks defined and when I did a two strand twist, they held together very well and looked very shiny, with absolutely no shrinkage. There was however, an awful too the touch buildup that I knew was honey. So I cowashed the twists, reapplied my usual stuff (homemade moisture spritz, shea butter and almond oil) and drip dried for a few hours till bed time, where I covered with a plastic cap and carried on with the air dry in the morning.

What I’ve learnt…honey is a good moisturiser…and when I want to lessen shrinkage and encourage coils, honey and beer will be my first go too.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar– I use this to cleanse my hair as an alternative to shampoo.  I also incorporate a little bit in my protein treatments and sometimes my moisture spritz.
  • Olive Oil– hot oil treatment, or styling aid.
  • Shea Butter – styling aid
  • Almond oil – styling aid.
  • Flaxseed – homemade gel…think I made it wrong though cause it didn’t do alot for me.
  • Aloe Vera– moisturising agent
  • Rosewater- moisturising agent
  • Ginger – because I’m farse. -_-
  • Chamomile- and again…(see point above)
  • Egg- conditioning agent
  • Glycerin – styling aid
  • Water – moisturising agent…to drink…to cleanse hair
  • Yoghurt- conditioning agent
  • Coconut stuff – conditioning agent…protein treatment..moisturising agent.
  • Brown Sugar – scrub ingredient.


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