Things I don’t do to my hair

  • Apply heat

I have a slight um phobia of blow dryers…I remember being at a hairdressers during my relaxed days, and seeing a clump of hair fly out during a blow dry I did not want.  My mum never applied heat to my hair growing up, and it was very healthy.  I don’t apply heat to my three yr old and when stretched her hair is about 6 inches away from waist length.

  • Grease/oil my scalp

Every-time I do my scalp breaks out in these horrible, painful little spots…which I now know are blocked sebaceous glands….which we all know prevents hair from growing at maximum speed and can lead to hair loss.  A water based moisturiser is said to be OK for use on the scalp as it absorbs easier and is easily cleansed.

  • Use products containing mineral oils, petrolatum, egg protein, and lanolin.

– Mineral oils, builds up on the scalp.  blocking hair follicles and slowing hair growth. If it builds up on the hair itself, it attracts and holds dirt and residue, which make the hair appear dull and unhealthy.

– Petrolatum’s/Petroleums, act as a barrier.  They do coat the hair strand, help seal split ends and make the hair more manageable… But that’s only temporary. It does more harm than good, because it keeps moisture out of your hair strands.

I am not here to tell you what to do with your hair…but rather to share with you what I do.  I believe that if something is working for you and your hair, then by all means continue.

However, if you do use the above, remember to cleanse your scalp well and keep your ends especially conditioned, moisturised and sealed.  I wouldn’t advise going down the no poo route because the resulting buildup would be a killer to your tresses.  Find a good curl cleanser or even a shampoo for coloured hair (as in dyed).  They won’t strip your hair as much due to the low sulphate levels. As an alternative I sometimes use Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in warm water as a clarifying rinse.

– Egg protein and lanolin, are perfectly fine for those wishing to go down the all natural and good for you route.  Infact the application of an actual raw egg or two depending on length is very simple an effective way of strengthening and thickening your  hair.  Just remember not to rinse with hot water 😉

I simply don’t use the above because I have allergies.

  • Shampoo frequently

My hair is coarse, but only when it’s been stripped of all moisture…and shampoos are designed to strip gunk from hair not add good stuff too it.  I shampoo once- twice a month (or not at all) depending what I’ve put in my hair.  I co wash mainly.

  • Towel dry

OK, I use a towel to facilitate my drying process but i don’t rub my hair….I drape the towel across my shoulders pick up the bottom edges to create a shield and shake my head till it hurts 😦 *do not recommend…I sense an early onset of brain damage*

If I have to touch my hair I use a T-shirt….or I have a micro fibre towel which is great for blotting.  I cannot emphasise the words BLOT don’t RUB enough.

  • Comb when dry

If my hair begins to mat okay is matted lollI wash it add conditioner and de-tangle with a huge paddle brush.  See my regime postfor how I wash and de-tangle my hair.

  • Brush my edges

I love my hairline…that is all.  I also try not to braid straight back and to switch up my partings frequently.



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