Results of my scrub…

Last time, I left you with “So what I’m about to do is give my hair, which is in two strand twists,  a honey sugar and oil scalp massage/scrub(two birds one stone)”
It’s been awhile since I last wrote anything…I’ve been working on my assignments.

Ok here is a pic of my hair after my scrub malarkey.

 What I used for the scrub

  • honey
  • brown sugar 
  • olive oil 
  • mayo 
  • a plastic cap 
  • a bowl and spoon 


About two tablespoons each thing a lil bit more oil? I dunno just make it look like this lol

  How I did it.

I applied the mixture to the partings in my head (hair was in two strand twists)

 rubbed/massaged my entire scalp till the sugar was completely dissolved and finally pulled into one

placed a plastic cap on my head for 20 mins to let the oils etc do some work

had a shower to let the steam help the oils do some work lol rinsed really well

applied shea butter to soaking wet hair

followed by sweet almond oil

put hair in a roller set

air dried over night

strand twists

 took apart


Like me you might think dong your scrub with twists in is a good idea…because you get easier access to the scalp…

Then like me you will find yourself covered in dead scalp skin *bleurgh* when it comes time to twist out.

You might also like me think it’s perfectly alryt to rinse out said mixture with hot water alone…because you only washed your hair like I dunno a day ago…

Maybe if I had mixed conditioner into my mix the following would have been avoided but i didn’t sooo what happened was I had beautifully moisturised curls…but my face exploded and I burn’t the @%*! out of my scalp…no like seriously…See the thing is, I have never had luck with certain oils on my scalp and I am allergic to eggs…and well as we all know mayo is made from? yep EGG!

I thought I could get away without shampooing…I was obviously wrong.  Now I think about it how dumb was I for not figuring that out before…I’m hoping someone else did it and had better results (to redeem my ego).

That’s it nothing else to tell really…will I be doing it again? YES!
Will I be using the same mix…only for a deep treatment not for a scrub…from now on my scrubs will consist of …oil, sugar and conditioner.

Kudos friends 

hunii x

P.s. tomorrow I get to meet my online hair friends at my first ever hair meet up can’t wait!!! I’ll be reciting one of my poems aswell…If I write it that is lol 



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