Birmingham Uk Natural Hair Meetup…what took place…

Hey guys guess what?! I wrote my poem lol and it went down well enough for me not to get pelted with garbage lol!

In previous posts I mentioned the  Birmingham Uk natural hair meetup and on Saturday May the 7th, The first ever Midlands natural hair meetup took place in Birmingham City Centre!


It was an amazing experience and I had a lot of fun. It was so nice meeting women I’d only spoken too through sites like Facebook or watched diligently on you tube (that sounds skeezy).

The event was organised by three of the most beautiful inside and out black women you will ever meet Lorien Hay, Rachel Bates and Kadian Pow.
Photo by Gillian Milburn of Photograbs
Organisers of the event L-R Lorien, Kadian and Rachel
Akua of Sheabutter Cottage, Afrocenchix, Pretty Curls, Ace your Face and Denman

There were products on sale from AfrocenchixNaturally Sexy, Hair We Grow Natural to name a few.

It was such a great experience!  To kick off the event and make sure everyone felt comfortable, there was a speed meet and greet. Google speed dating and tweak the definition. Very entertaining and the women in attendance were wonderful!

Next on the agenda was, Kadian Pow, you might know her from you tube as (whatgetsonmytits), through her makeup line job? Ace your Face or even through BGLH, she like myself also has a feature on there… anywhoo she gave a presentation on the most popular hair oils and how they could be used in other lifestyle areas, such as cooking, face cleansing, internally etc.

There was another presentation by representatives of Afrocenchix dealing with the topic of protective styling.

There was poetry by renowned Poet Laureate 2010-2011, of Birmingham, Roy McFarlane and myself.

Once these were over it was time for a mini discussion on what it means to be natural, can you wear weaves etc and still be considered natural?  On the panel was Paige the Blogger, Africa Brown, Representative from Afrocenchix and Angel Smith (Natural Lounge Uk)

Once this was over it was time for the prizes to be distributed. There were three categories everyone had to vote for someone other than themselves lol and the hostesses to win:-

Most creative hairstyle:- This was won by Comfort who was sporting a gorgeous braid out…She received gifts from Afrocenchix
Most eye-catching makeup:- This was won by Rumby who was wearing a green and gold palette complimented exquisitely by her gold and green drop earrings and lovely shade of green top. I have it under good authority that the makeup was by Sleek (Rumby told me lol)…She received a gift certificate from Ace your Face along with a book guaranteed to make her hair journey that much easier.
Best overall style:- went to yours truly 😀 yaaay me lol I wore…erm clothes? lol I don’t know see pics lol I received from Shea Butter Cottage a Cioccolatina gift box filled with yummy treats I can’t wait to review!

Then it was time for a quick group shot with those that were still in attendance and then as quickly as we met our new alliances dissipated into the night…and rain might I add kmt.

So there you have it! All in all a very liberating experience. It was nice listening to the ladies share their stories of experiences in the workplace. Or confessions of how they wore wigs sometimes to carry them through difficult hair days.

I cannot wait for the next one….and I hope to see you there .

hunii xxx


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