Belated Fro-day Post

First post in aaaages!!!!

OK so on July 14th I hit my one year natural mark yaaaay meee!!


I celebrated by first recreating the hairstyle I had on that fated day a year ago.  A Wash n go with shea moisture and eco styler gel (crystal clear) All of which break out my skin so special one off occasions only lol

Then I applied some oils for pre poo, washed my hair and did a hot oil treatment…then co washed applied a moisturising enriched aloe gel I created and braided in about 20 single plaits then trimmed the ends.

My aim for this next year is to have 6-12 inches of growth…yeees hair grows an average half an inch a month…but I know mine grows more…all that protein I’m eating ain’t going to my unmentionables (butt or boobs) so it must be going somewhere ;D lol

Here is my plan…

I shall create three products…one for moisture…one for growth…one for dry scalp…I shall use these three in a rotation…every time I wash my hair

My hair flourishes the less I do to it soooo…

I shall rock a fro when I go out…and braid it bk up…if I’m not going anywhere the next day that is…

Twists I have learn’t do not agree with my hair…my ends knot…loc…break…so I shall be single braiding my hair in an effort to keep it stretched but textured…ok that and sleeping on rollers hurts.

I shall wash my hair less…like once a month or every two weeks depending what I do with it…This is only because I don’t want permanently wet hair…

I shall increase my scalp massages.

I will invest in a steamer…

There you have it…my plans for my next year of fro-dom. 


2 thoughts on “Belated Fro-day Post

    • 😀 You’re very welcome! I’ve never used Miss Jessie’s products I live in the UK and they are mega expensive and only available online…I like to smell things and see them first; also I’ve read they contain mineral oils…which dry my hair and cause an allergic reaction on my face and scalp 😦 *sigh* sad times lol I’d try it for free though lool then buy it if it worked etc. I’ve been hearing..well reading, that they are gonna bring out a line without the mineral oils though so maybe once that happens I’ll try it.



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