Todays Muse…Awakenings

This New Years was a poignant one for myself.  From 5pm on the eve of old years I found myself subjected to uncontrollable bouts of tears.  For nothing could I be consoled, not even the new flat screen bought for me could calm my dark sadness.

I cried in this way for the next three days.  This unexplainable feeling of dread rested on my shoulders. Inexplicable fear for the future of my daughter, the future of my unborn child.  Lord heal me! I cried as the tears soaked my t shirt and the cloud in my head grew larger.

He told me to write so I do.  He told me never to lie so I shan’t.

He said if I want it…claim it…so im telling you it is mine…

My mind strays back to a passage in the book of Daniel which spoke of an Awful horror being removed and that being the beginning [in my opinion]of what many term the end of days….Reading Daniel in April 2009 by some weird mathematical formula that i created on the spot[trust me I am no mathematician]…I came to the conclusion that in the month of July or thereabouts 2012 would be the end of the world as we know it…[Cue drastic  change]counting down to what many term the apocalypse….I am not into the scaremongering thing I’m just saying what I got.

It is for you to decide what is your reality, what you believe…some will be saved and some will perish…A guy on FB once said to me that Jesus did not die for everyone…as how could he…if God already knows our story then he must know that some won’t change in time to be saved….I say Jesus died so even those whose stories aren’t destined to end well, have the opportunity to change…eating from that tree in Eden was both a blessing and a curse…a curse because well we got turfed out of Eden innit lol  but a blessing because it provides us with a knowledge similar to that of Gods’ somewhere within our hearts and minds lie the path back to righteousness.  When Adam and Eve sinned we were marked with death…when Jesus died we were given the antidote.

It could be said that from the day we are born it is the beginning of the end…think of it this way…at the start of term teacher gives you a 15,000 word assignment, strict guidelines no real margin for error…choose to live the right way or die…throughout term extensions are given…tutorials are offered…progress meetings etc….basically opportunities to make sure you get your grade up….being such great uni brats you ignore these opportunities because you’ve got time…then slowly you forget about it until one monday your teacher says…”ok class remember your deadline for said assignment is due in 7 days”…. shit you think…I’ve only written 1000 words…on that crumbled piece of paper…that night when my boyfriend bet me I couldn’t type whilst drunk…I bet this new years a lot of people did things differently…no one felt like celebrating they didn’t know why,  just had a feeling there was something else they needed to be doing…I bet a lot of those people were black…I bet a lot off those black people were female…I bet one of those persons was you…I am not saying this is simply an ethnic thing I’m pretty sure awakenings are not race specific lol however…Who better to save the world than us? The days are about to get hotter cue tuff hair and tuff skin 😀 Not to even start on the whole Jesus being a black man theory and  when you think of demons and stuff you think duppy, jumbie and whatever who comes to mind? witch doctors…who better to help fight the undead than the people who’ve been thinking of ways and lil traditions to fight em off 😀 when all fails double tap…Okay I’m stretching now…but I’m a black woman who sees her people being lynched mentally and spiritually…For too long we have been enslaved within our minds…tempted like magpies by the shine and glitz of material things…bruv! that 20 pound note in your pocket ain’t even real! It is an IOU!!! read it carefully if you don’t believe me…my writing is for everyone…but my message is for those who need to hear.  If your name is Chloe lol you can jump right on up cause you almost one of us anyway with that soulful voice!


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