Diary 2 the past


How could I be so stupid. I know what I’m like! No strings attached isn’t something that even resides in my vocabulary! Idiot idiot idiot.

I cannot separate my heart from my pussy I just can’t😞 if Ido I won’t enjoy it not really…he thinks it was all him but really I went looking for him that night. Why why why am I always attracted to the same spirit in different guys… Tho this one seems hopeful… Groan prolly because he’s so young πŸ˜“
I broke my own cardinal rule… Even if he does talk a big man game.

So we met in November
Did some work together in December
Undeniably attracted each other in January
Started knocking those boots in February
I didn’t fall for the usual oh I wanna be your boyfriend ladidah
Nope it was more ur sexy I’m sexy I think youre hot let’s have some fun
What te hell was I thinking!
I’m not the fun type!!
Yeh I laugh easily n my convo is generally great but I’m not THAT fun girl
I don’t know how to behave in these situations
How to just be wanted for sex and nothing else 😒😭πŸ˜ͺ😱what have I done!!
I thought It would help get over the ex situation and it has.
Yees I feel or felt empowered I mean he is good looking desirable blah blah blah
But he isn’t interested in knowing more
And I am
I should call it quits
Before I Lose whatever respect dignity I have left.
I just need to find the words.



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