20121208-070202.jpgWhen I first laid eyes…
It was nothing.

When I first saw him smile, something inside reached out towards him.
EVERYTHING in me just wanted to be near him.
From that moment on I knew we had to speak
I wanted nothing just that he remember my name
(My knees felt so weak)
Without any of that game or pretence guys portray
So I stood quite close and when his shoulder brushed mine,
Something inside me exploded


I engaged him in conversation
Weighing up whether or not he was worthy
I couldn’t let him look me in the eyes
My soul was open wide like
(Fuck, please don’t hurt me.)
His scent was unbearable
It wasn’t artificial
I kept weaving like a drunk
Feeling unable
To steady myself in his presence.
I turned and walked away
Trying to maintain distance
when all I wanted was for him to say,
“Hey, Hunii, I feel it too…”
for the feeling he gave me was electric.
The feeling he gave ME… was electric.

The feeling he gave,
was electric


One thought on “Electric

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