Jewelry by Lorien Lori and Loreen Hall

My favorite earrings ever are both created by phenomenal black women in the midlands.

earring 1The first pair features two Afrocentric ladies one either side, on a soft padded cloth disc.  The colours are vibrant and bright and the design is very versatile…it can be the finishing touch to a funky outfit…or the splash of colour needed to bring an outfit together.These earrings were made by Lorien, founder and organiser of the West Midlands Meetup. I’m featuring them, because they get sooo much attention whenever I wear them…especially now I’ve cut my hair.  It’s only fair to direct all inquiries to her lol.

earring 2The second pair are a beautiful reversible leather and suede covered wooden disc, featuring the silhouette of  Africa.  Created by past Olympian Loreen Hall, founder of Natural Notts.  These earrings come in a number of colours and are bold pieces…they are definitely awe inspiring and sure conversation pieces.  To get these for yourself, click on the photo left.



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