CurlTalk…styles for little girls…Three ways beaded style…

Sunday evening was wash day.

What I used

To wash
Tresseme naturals conditioner

Leave in

I left in a little bit of the conditioner.

To seal and for moisture


marula hair oil and shea butter

marula hair oil and shea butter

 followed by almond oil and a lil bit of tea tree.

To style

I braided into large cornrows 4 by 3 (3 rows four plaits each=12 braaids lol) and let airdry.

The next day I undid in strategic sections (in other words I kept the general partings and made smaller horizontal sections)

I applied some cantu sheabutter mixed with almond oil and conditioner to each section and used unrefined sheabutter as you would beeswax or gel? to help tame flyaways.

Each row became a section and each section became a mini mohawk? I twisted the ends and added multicoloured beads.  The results was a hairstyle that could be worn three ways and ensured ends were well protected.

What I thought

Now if you’ve been reading you know about the stuff I won or got given at the Birmingham meetup.

Two of those products were the Cioccolatina Marula Hair balm and unrefined Shea butter – both courtesy of Sheabutter Cottage (click the photo of the products to link to the site or look in my blogroll.)

Now I have a high tolerance for smelly stuff lol I literally become immune to the smell after awhile or once its explained away as being good for you :D.  So both of these products weren’t a problem for me (nothing beats neem oil and amla oil bleurgh).  However, for the faint nosed of you out there, be warned that the marula smells strongly of coconut butter and not the palmers kind either but the kind that lets you know it must be natural and good for you…you know how healthy things always taste or smell “healthy”? lol and the shea did not dissapoint on phew factor either…well in comparison to the dr birds version I’ve been using…it is also a rich creamy shade of beige.

Texture wise the marula balm was slightly grainy and oily (not the lingering hard to absorb type) a little went a long wayit left a faint residue in the hair but it disappeared leaving the hair with a subtle shine that wasn’t oily to the touch.

The shea butter was soft, easy to manipulate and did what shea does…leave a white reidue…lol but after adding the oils that was eliminated.
The next day after undoing her half braids half twists (I never plait to the ends…out of laziness *shrug*) her hair was incredibly silky kinda blown out looking after I detangled…before I detangled she had one of the prettiest twistouts ever…even after separation the definition was still unfrizzy?

My rating two thumbs up…I used the same method as above…minus the cantu (I’m allergic) and two strand twisted my hair…usually by now my hair would be dull and a lot frizzy (yes after just 2 days) but it’s not…I’m confident I could happily wear it for a week or three without feeling anyway.

So now my list of products for styling includes…

leave in…Jane Carter Will do a video for you guys on this one soon
marula hair balm (from shea butter cottage…not the fulla other stuff motions brand)
shea butter
jojoba when I’m rolling in it ¬_¬
almond (when I’m not) 
tea tree oil


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