CurlTalk…Going Natural?

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First of all, congratulations. Regardless the reasons behind this choice, going natural is a huge step towards a healthier life style.

For some…ok ALOT! Making the decision to go from straight or texturised hair, to a texture of hair almost alien to them, is a huge step. Nonetheless, such steps are being taken all over the globe. Huge droves (can I say droves? Psshaw it sound dramatic, me go say droves lol) yes huge droves of women namely those of black heritage, are learning to love and care for theirs and each others, hair in its naturally kinky, curly, coily, wavy, form.

Too long have women of colour and or texture (low me I’m trying) been unconsciously bullied into another’s notion of what it means to be beautiful.
Daily, you hear stories of; women who can’t be intimate with their partners without first going to the bathroom to secure weaves of some sort.  Men who think black hair, not multi raced,  just black… Black natural hair in all it’s rise to the sun glory is unclean, unkempt and ugly and finally children, desiring hair that is straight and yellow,  long and flowing, curly – but only slightly, (thanks Disney for helping to further execute the plan of subliminally installing self hate into the minds of the youngers in such a way, even Hitler would be proud).

There are many who still think natural hair is a negative.  However, thanks to self education, leading by example, and, the media. A lot of these negatives are being erased.
There are those who went natural as a fashion choice, or as part of a healthy lifestyle change, some out of self love and acceptance, others through spiritual callings. Whatever YOUR reason, I will do my best to help make your journey as tangle, tear free and pleasant as possible.

My name is Hunii M Gray. In 2010 I made the decision to stop relaxing my hair and through frustration with the transitioning process…three months later I cut it off … Since then I have witnessed my hair go from brittle and dry fuzz to moisturised and soft coils. I have gone from three inches (when I started) to 12 inches in a year I have dyed my hair, locd my hair and now two years later shaved my hair 😀

From Afros to cornrows
To faux hawks and shaved down the side Mohawks
Palm rolling
Creme of Nature, in the bathroom at home Dying
Week long deep conditioning
in two years I have done it all on a modest budget and with a limited product choice, by myself for most part.  This section of the blog, is the result of a number of personal requests I have received from fellow facebookers, friends and family.  Rather than having to answer the same question multiple times…I think it better to just link them to my answer.

Send any questions YOU may have to, with the subject CurlTalk and I’ll be happy to answer you or forward you to someone that can.

Whilst you’re at it, please sign up, follow or subscribe to be kept up to date with further postings.

Hunii xxx



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