This is why I’m Single part two…Meeting Chip

This is why I'm SingleAfter part one of this is why I’m single, I received a lot of feedback asking me to explain who or what Chip was…so part two of this is why I’m single is, How I Met Chip.

Note: For all intents and purposes, characters have been assigned pseudonyms, for imagined legal reasons of course. Therefore, if someone reads as someone you know, knew, or are, *insert sweet angelic smile* this was not, is not, intentional…unless, of course, it’s you…in which case I have assigned you a pseudonym thereby protecting your privacy etc etc, so, please  keep it moving.

I met Chip, well, at this point he isn’t a chip and I have no intentions of letting him be one so I’m going to call him Bob…

I met Bob…at a time in my life when I was just beginning to rediscover myself.  Decide on what it really was I wanted from life (well men) and myself, so to speak.
I had pretty much come to the end of my tether regarding a dismal loooong term “relationship” that, if I’m honest had ended a long time before that anyway so I thought hmmm I might as well start socialising have some sort of life outside of being a single mother, student, wanna be entrepreneur you know what I mean.

One of my friends had just launched a social night…filled with comedy, skits, live music, audience participation games etc.  I and one of my girls went along to support.  I was pretty excited, you know I hardly went out since becoming a mum and it was nice to go to something that didn’t involve dark rooms, flashing lights, rack city, and grinding.

So, my girl and I are sitting sipping on milkshakes as you do, and Bob walks in, actually, if I’m honest, I don’t know if I even saw him walk in lol.  I know I saw him prior to his performance…and I wasn’t remotely bothered…but the minute he got on stage and spoke yes?  I kid you not it was an edge of the seat thing. (Shame face) I don’t know why I reacted that way, (lies love at first sight boy cupid was on some laaaate season prowl) I’m not that girl, and he isn’t even a singer!!! He wasn’t singing it like Joe or you know spitting it like LL!   He was really animated and smiley… and funny and clever sounding lol so much potential and confidence and ok ima stop…right there lol (shame face).  It’s almost like his personality/ spirit/something just like latched onto me…and I was gone…

Another black guy wanting to be the next big thing in music.

Anyway he did his thing, the night progressed and ended…I made a point to speak to him and when I got the chance…I immediately forgot all my common senses.  Either way I spoke to him briefly…and by speak, I mean I asked him where he was from culturally…not even do you live nearby. Then I just like walked off…said my goodbyes to some friends and LEFT!!! <<<< That lack of sensible conversational skills? That right there is why I’m still single loool   -_-

This guy had such an effect on me that for weeks after I couldn’t think of anything else (I wrote poetry…again this is why I’m single lol)…I was like hmmm he’s not from around here…so that’s good (remember what I said about peeing in your watering hole?)  I went on a find Bob online mission (that’s probably cyber stalking to you and me)…and failed…because I didn’t ask him his name lol, eventually though…things worked out and Bob…became a chisel.



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