CurlTalk….Are we for real?! What is fake

First of all being natural does not mean looking like you don’t care about your appearance.

People who go on at “fake” women…you need to be specific…because I wear fake lashes…and polish my toes…I’m a creative person and so long as it’s not permanently changing me I will paint myself like I am a canvas…The man who chooses a woman based on her hairstyle or length of her legs is an idiot anyway..he deserves that messy divorce or crazy bunny boiler…and likewise the woman who thinks a virgin weave or a yearly gym pass is gonna get her the man of her dreams was misguided somewhere along the way… I also put on foundation when I know I might be on film….ok and maaybe occasionally I use those chicken fillet things to help best display the I just had to have it dress that fits well everywhere else but there :-”.
My point is instead of attacking maybe you should try teaching…maaaybe the girl with the fake lashes has a degenerative eyelash shedding thing and she got teased or bullied about it…I don’t agree with fakeness on a true level…if that makes sense…for example…if someone compliments me on my eyes I say thanks but it’s contacts…well I used to coz the last time I did that the dude was like it doesn’t matter…you can’t fake the shape (lol sorry couldn’t resist). 

My point is, you’re attacking the wrong persons here I think…Yesterday I watched a video about women who bleach themselves and their kids…some of these women were bleached by their mums…others witnessed a trend where their significant others cheated with a light skinned girl or where light skinned girls always got given the best opportunities in school.  How can you judge them and call them wrong if they grew up being taught it was right?

The blame is to be put on those dark skins who advocate such thoughts do you not think?  How many dark skins have I heard say they can’t be with someone dark or darker than them?  They want a partner who looks clean with good hair…they want to produce light skin kids…with “good hair” and good prospects…then you wonder why light skins are seen as stuck up…aaargh obviously if you tell a person the sun shines from their assets [physical]… SMH! SMH!  I’m dark, clean and my hair might not be dat wavey curly stuff but it sure as hell is good hair…except when I’m not err looking after it lol lol.

Then I was led to a video asking the question of why all successful black women have straight hair…What is your idea of successful pray tell because I’m pretty sure there are more than a few successful black naturals out there…rocking their fro’s and locs etc etc…. for example…

Toni Morrison, Whoopi Goldberg, Sonja Sánchez, Nikki Giovanni, Solange Knowles, Lauryn Hill, S. Epatha Merkeson, Kim Coles, Jill Scott, Marsha Ambroshius, The Floacist, Robin Roberts, Vanessa L. Williams, Tracey Chapman, Nneka, Eryka Badu to name but a few! (Thanks to the women at Growin it  like afro barbie)

I do agree that it’s heartbreaking to see women going to such extremes to adhere to someone else’s idea of beauty…beauty to me is what God gave you…but if you come from a generation where everyone tells you its the other way around…old habits are hard to change…and making it emotional isn’t how it’s done.

Instead of attacking teach…lead by example…teach them of the natural way of doing things. Show them that you can be sexy clothed as well as naked…show them that a healthy body…good diet…peaceful mind is worth more than that miracle cure in a £30 bottle…but don’t stand there and TELL them they are wrong because that pisses me off…and I’m on your side…SHOW them.

ANYWAY!!! let me see a man or woman who chooses an unkempt woman or man and I’ll show you a saint…like food we eat with our eyes first…if it doesn’t look appealing then it’s gonna be harder for you to try…unless it smells reeaaaallly gooood yuuummm *drool*

Do you wear control underwear or clothing?

Do you wear 6 inches to increase height?

Do you wear concealer? To cover scars or acne?

Do you wear a bandana, hat, comb over to hide a bald patch?

Do you wear false nails? False hair?Push up bras?

Point is, they all come off at the end of a night.



2 thoughts on “CurlTalk….Are we for real?! What is fake

  1. preach it! how does one change pshcological damage that has been passed on from mother to child for generations? by leading by example and showing others that actually, who they are is whats important-it is sad how low the self esteem of so many black women is. its almost like anorexia-someone so comvinced they are fat when it is plain for all to see that they are skin and bones. i have decided to stop going on and on about going natural, as i find people generally ask if they r intersted because it almost becomes a religeous debate-women need to be psycologically ready to go on this journey and i never truly realised how so very deep it was until i went on it my self-and u too hunni



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