Todays Muse…Spirituality


spirituality (Photo credit: Loulair Harton)


Today I googled Spirituality and its definition… via said “spiritualty: property or income owned by a church”What is Spirituality?  What does it mean to you? Spirituality to me means an inner peace, a deeper understanding of who I am and who WE are.I like to think of myself as a Spiritualist.  I believe strongly in the strength of my Spirit…she is the bluest of flames and the hottest of super novae I shall name her Sapphire.

For God so loved the [people]world he gave his only begotten son so that MY sins would be forgiven [giving me a second chance] and the possibility of eternal life.

God is good.

He is my all.

I do not agree with religion.

I am a Spiritualist.  I am a Catholic, and though they are flawed I agree with many of their methods.

God is to be feared.  He is not our friend. He is our father, confidant, best friend.  He is higher than our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters.

What is Spirituality?

Is it having an understanding outside of this world?

True Spirituality can be gained through Enlightenment.

Enlightenment can be gained through knowledge.

Knowledge is futile without understanding.

Understanding will be gained through meditation/prayer.






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