Cioccolatina Rosemary and Peppermint Soap



Ok, I don’t know the first thing about reviewing soap so I’m going to  just wing it :/

First of all Cioccolatina products can be purchased from the Sheabutter Cottage website. Sheabutter Cottage is a Fair Trade company owned and run by the wonderful and beautiful Akua Wood.  They pride themselves on ethics and Eco friendly practices. They ship internationally and have a wide range of handmade products, natural ingredients – to help you create your own products, as well as a slew of products to pamper your body and hair, chocolate, jewelry and much more.


There is a strong scent of rosemary and peppermint coupled with something else I just can’t put my finger on…it’s a fresh, healthy, clean scent..whatever it is…

When I woke up the scent was still on my skin…yaaaay!!!I ususally have to lather and re lather like 100 times to get a looong lasting soap smell…(don’t ask)

Sud Test

OK so I have an addiction to clean soapy smells… and suds (don’t judge me love meh) and as you can see from the above photo, I was not disappointed;  the product lathered beautifully against my brown skin (yummy)


Soap was solid to the touch but softer than the usual supermarket brands…in other words with a bit of strength and a good knife I could have sliced a nice piece off…whereas with another generic brand I would have probably cracked the soap…you see where I’m going with this right? lol I hope so because if you don’t I’m babbling for nothing.

It’s recommended on the packaging, and by me, lol, that you drain after use…A soap dish with holes or those little spikes that don’t allow the soap to rest on anything is best.  This I’m assuming is to prevent your new find from melting away faster.

The peppermint makes for a really revitalising shower experience!  It’s like the soap that keeps on giving! lol Once I stepped out of the shower the feel of the air was ahamaaazing and it lasted till I fell asleep…you just feel clean and refreshed and cooool I’d say a must buy for sultry summer days…and nights.

My skin was wonderfully soft and moisturised!! There was no layer of soap scum either.

Once I applied my oils there wasn’t much difference aside from the shine 😀


It tastes better than other soaps and you get a slight peppermint tingle….but uhm it’s just weird that you’d want to know that…and really you probably didn’t…but I have a thing for soap ¬_¬


Out of ten I’d saaaay…ten.  Would I use again? Definitely.  Should you buy it?…well it depends if you like the scent of rosemary and peppermint, but I would say check out the website and see what else is on offer.



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