Angry Black Woman part one….Mr Allen’s house

Former workhouse at Nantwich, Cheshire, constr...

Former workhouse at Nantwich, Cheshire, constructed in 1780 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NB: I wrote and posted this in 2011…THIS IS A REPOST.

I’d been protesting all day about the fact that I shouldn’t go to work because of my stomach situation. Jarom and the others persuaded me rightly, not to take the day off as it would be used against me. My dilemma was, we weren’t allowed to use the facilities where we were headed. Darkies and chinks weren’t allowed to even think of sharing the facilities.

Since the new government got their foot in, times had been a lot harder. If it wasn’t for the fact that we got paid and owned our own houses, well rented, life would have been a scene out of purple. All our hard works and troubles in the years leading up to 2012 didn’t mean a damn thing. They censored our books and shut down any establishment which would encourage us to gather….they hit us hard….

They gave us reasons to fight amongst ourselves and we fought. They conditioned our minds through the media, to see our men as dogs who’ll kill for the bone that fell from your plate, niggas that love to hate, waste men that won’t reciprocate and look after their children, and our women as sex toys, big booty, big breasts, full lips, that’s best, never mind if they pass their tests and them at school, dem look good… They encouraged our children to play games, and concentrate on becoming stars…for their sport…instead of letting them learn the languages of rich men. I use the term rich in the loosest of senses as a poor man who is rich in knowledge can easily with time take away the things a rich man holds dear. They know our power…and they fear it. Our skin thrives on heat and light though the days are almost unbearably hot. At night time in the darkness and the cold we seek each other’s bodies for comfort and warmth…. because a few of us know there is unity in survival.

All the while “keep the upper class up” they whisper
“and make the others kiss the ground.”
Segregation has gone way past colour.
There is a new breed of nigga now.

It’s called poor folk.

Unfortunately rather than drawing together to fight the system we poor folk, focus on finding someone we can kick, to feel better…white poor folk kicks black poor folk, black poor folk kick Indian poor folk, Indian poor folk kick white poor folk…and so the cycle goes… On their podiums, the bastards laugh.

The Olympics was supposed to be the start of something grand…yet a lot of people suffered due to another tax rise which meant they couldn’t afford materials and those that attended were the only ones in the capacity of paying the cost of a ticket. “Tickets are limited to two per family” the news commentator sang out. All over London and the UK you could almost feel the buzz of fury emitting out of households gathered in front of the 6 0clock news…even those who knew they weren’t attending had something to say. This element of hope was simply another cog in the works of a grander scheme of things that meant a shabby deal for us. The first thing they took was benefits, then equal education, then our savings and finally our right to buy….ANYTHING. Ration tickets were issued amongst Caribbean communities proclaiming that the diets we live on are an abomination to the health code! Words like hypertension started flying about, comparisons between a packet of crisp and a piece of chicken were up for debate.


Made me wonder if the whole thing was just a way of making sure the labourers(or slaves) of tomorrow year were in fit healthy condition for the work fields.

The same doctors who slewed our athletes because their diets were giving them an unfair advantage over theirs are now saying it is that diet which is making us ill…I say what- ever and thank God for my dark skin cause Lord knows when the power shortages start and them looking for someone to ‘hang’ out with I can just close my mouth, shut my eyes and blend in with the background….

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13 thoughts on “Angry Black Woman part one….Mr Allen’s house

  1. very impressive txt. it borders btwn genius and being banned. u touched a very sensitive subject and i think u cud do more with it. social inequalities is one of the leading subjects afecting modern day britain. ur txt scratches the surface and it cud b GROUNDBREAKING becoz its controversial. im not sure how u can add more detail without loosing the poetic sense of the txt. the word arrangement is superb and i think the topic alone is so monumental it could b ur TICKET.


    • Jheeeze!!! that is a comment and a half! I’m impressed by your comment lol. Thank you and I agree tenfold with what your saying…I’m hoping in my final year to further explore the above topics. Hey you can critique my work anytime…as long as you stay honest 😀


  2. Wow Hunni,

    All i can say is an amazing peice of text- i agree with tin tin! I love how you have basically stated that no matter how everything changes, everthing, in reality stays the same…

    I really love it…


  3. This piece of writing stirs an inner rage that I tend to ignore. There’s a few bits I want to say:

    1) the sad thing about this is that the people that actually need to see writing such as this are living in the “contended” bliss of ignorance and will never read stirring pieces of writing such as this, and the mirror of life is never stared into and assessed, or is merely acknowledged and accepted in placid defeat- the will to change but a dying spark.

    2) What struck a nerve for me was the bit about the government or new government, where the segregation of society is advocated and will be implemented as soon as April. I understand that the country is on deficit and we need to save money, but at what cost? The ‘poor folk’. Benefits that many hard workers rely on are being cut to the lowest 30% of housing in a borough. The rent of social housing is set to rise to 70% of what it would cost to rent privately. Private landlords will not rent to those on DSS as the council are so quick to stop benefits and slow to start them up again, leaving landlords out of pocket – understandable that they are apprehensive. Basically the poorest in the community will be grouped together, where unemployment is rife and positive role models to our children are all but non-existent. Teenage pregnancy seen as normal and something to aspire to. Schools within those catchment areas will probably be only satisfactory and below and the schools that are outstanding centred where the richest lived will be oversubscribed leaving no chance for us ‘poor folk’.

    I feel hard done by a government who take 30% (NI, Tax) of my wages each month, insist I work till 75, and who still insist I live where my child’s school will not be very good. Who insist I live among people who many are accepting of their lot in life. Is it not more beneficial to mix people to that poor children can actually see where hard work will lead them to-an alternative way? Where rich children can see that hard work pays? The banker made this mess by not following the rules, and it is I, ‘poor folk’ who will pay. We have no money? Is this true? So where is all the money coming from for a War that is not even our own? Why do I pay for a war I do not believe in? Because this money I pay I would much rather use towards living in an area where I can be sure my child will get into a good school and prayerfully break free of this cycle. Therefore I have decided that I shall too “bend” the rules, because I work hard and will NOT be oppressed or allow my children to be oppressed. Just like every government in power do every single day they are in power. I will get my children baptised Catholic, though we are not Catholic in order to get into the school rated Outstanding. And why not? Why should my child not receive an education where lessons are tailored to her ability, where her weaknesses are monitored and addressed? Where extra curricular activities are available in abundance? My friend told me that this was wrong and I see her point-really I do. But this is the survival of the fittest- the Rich Folk taught me that…


    • Looooooool Akua….I totally see where you’re going with this.
      I hope it works out for you and yours…for if the system tries to give us barriers…we should look for holes…we didn’t make ourselves x

      *disclaimer Lost Girl is not promoting the use of fraudulent or immoral tactics*


  4. This is an excellent piece….I love it. Keep on keeping on and looking up at the goals you can achieve….no looking back. Blessings Always and much love Mummy xoxoxo



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