Today’s Muse…Be mindful what you say. The Power of Words

Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes

Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes (Photo credit: a3aanw)




When I hear it, it makes me cringe.  It upsets me.  Even when spoken in a non-offensive tone, used in uhm, non offensive situations lol, when it is geared at me, in the back of my mind I feel these words are derogatory, detrimental to the pockets of golden light and joy secreted away within my spiritual self.


It only makes sense that I apologize for the times I’ve made someone else feel that way, consciously or not…  it’s not a good feeling…and really, I wouldn’t say it to my mother, or daughter or lover, out of respect and the ever present fear of causing an offense that leaves an ugly scar in our lives.


I believe every word uttered causes a ripple in consciousness, certain words are practically genetically predisposed (thanks to society) to being filled with hate, anger, lust…for example the C word…I love the C word…I see nothing wrong with that word, when used appropriately of course *hide face* yet for a lot of people it is a word to be disgusted, frowned upon spoken only by them that have had no broughtupcy whatsoever… Well I can assure you, between my mother, school and church- I was brought up not dragged up.


Certain words feel good coming off your tongue…like names, some names sound strong others errm not so strong.  In much this way, certain words can inspire feelings of health, well being, joy, anger, sadness, shame, super human powers etc etc.  Words can make or break an individual.


You might not agree with this sentiment as its all semantics at the end of the day…semantics and context, but look at it like this…


Imagine, an underground spring, you dig a hole water comes out, the water is sweet but cloudy and slightly grainy, it has impurities from the ground around it…so you build a filtration system geared at preventing the unwanted silt from clouding your cup…


During the building process a part gets nicked, enough for silt to pass through, but not enough for you to notice…so you keep drinking of the well unaware of what is happening…till one day you find out the sharp pains in your back and sides are due to a build up of sand in your system and now you need an operation…or your well stops flowing becomes stagnant and clogged…when you empty it, at the bottom is a layer of sludge, slimy and green; tiny parasites have made their home in this pungent mess and laid their eggs which flowed into your cup every time you took a drink… This is the power of words in my opinion, and as such, I must once again apologise for every time I polluted the water supply of another.





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