Angry Black Woman part three…Teaching babies how to hate.

black beauty

black beauty (Photo credit: Ojo de vidrio)

So three months since that fated night, I find myself with legs akimbo screaming all manners of obscenities at the strange dude with his head between my legs. 

A black man, none the less.

 I was about to be a mummy for the second and third time all at once, and, the pressure was obviously getting to me.  In a rare moment of calm, I became aware of how cold the air con felt on my feverish skin.

My mum, bless her heart had to leave me for a toilet break.  She’s back now however, I hear her talking to the doctor. 

How ironic, to find a black man, whose job it is to be all up in different women’s –  good thoughts Talia think nice thoughts.  Anyhow, I hear him talking to my mum, something about refusing to talk to me anymore because I’m unreasonable and rude, how he’ll excuse me because I’m obviously delirious with pain.  I promise you, if I didn’t need two hands to feed me gas I’d a flipped him a birdie and thrown a bedpan…bastard.  What I didn’t need today, was another highly pretentious, probably married to a white girl know it all that can’t handle his own negro, telling me what to do.  

I hear the words dilated and begin to push.

Four agonising hours later…

I give birth to two beautiful Nubian children….each weighing in at seven pounds…each looking like Chinese old men.  I love them, they belong, to me. 

As they grow, they will learn that to trust in the black man is a bad idea.  They will learn to stick to and adapt to the principles of the white man.  I will see to it that they do as they are told and tell what it is they want others to do.  I will make sure they grow to hate the name Jarom and love the colour of their skin, the nappiness of their hair as one loves an accessory, nothing more.


3 thoughts on “Angry Black Woman part three…Teaching babies how to hate.

  1. Wow, breathtaking, really, really good, marvellous, must I go on…..Keep up the great works and always remember THE SKY IS YOUR LIMIT…AIM HIGH xoxoxo


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