Once Upon a time a Princess was born.
When she was 9 months
The Queen had to find her a safe haven.
She searched and she cried
her patience was tried as baby room after baby room she rejected.
Some wore outdoor shoes, their language was bad, the kids looked like they needed changing…
Then one day…
The Queen on her travels decided to look further away from the castle.

Bee Bumbler

Bee Bumbler (Photo credit: Shannon Green Photography)

s when she found City Nursery.
A deal was made
A date was set
and together they all raised her baby.

Now the time must come when Princesses grow up and Queens have other engagements.

And so it is, that in 3 weeks the Princess will no longer be attending.
But never fear!
For though not physically near, the memories of all will be with her 🙂
The Queen will never let her forget
Where she first met…some of THE most important adults who helped to shape her.

Thank you Lucy Ladybird for all you’ve done
We’re missing you already. xx

© Hunii M Gray 2012



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