Today’s Muse…My self.

I moved to Leicester 6yrs ago with the intention of leaving once I’d completed Uni….in that time I have experienced betrayal, death threats, financial suicide, alienation, illness, love, lust, loss and childbirth…

I have gained a deeper understanding of the soul and hearts of others, a beautiful love, she is definitely my role model, a different sort of strength and an inner peace that I can find in a second…

My faith, love and belief in that which created me and all I see guides me.

Now I’ve done as I said, the time has come for me to leave and what have I learnt?

Following ones heart if it’s pure and strong.. is all that matters if you trust in your heart it won’t guide you wrong…live long, love strong, learn forever.

Some won’t get it for it isn’t theirs to have…their destiny was simply to guide me to mine and nothing else.

I’m ready….are you?

then and now 2006/2012

20120614-073937 PM.jpg


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