Today’s Muse…Prayer

I wish I could pray.

Just drop onto my knees and have that two hour long deep prayer trance like session till my knees have dents and my brows are drenched in sweat…PRAY.
That kind of prayer where you find yourself floating somewhere near the ceiling looking back at your outer shell head bowed in deep reverence.


I wish my prayer could move mountains, open doors, save a soul, spare a life
I wish I had that kind of prayer within me… that every time I started my eyes would sparkle and I’d feel the Holy ghost growing within me
the flames of redemption would spread her tendrils from the pit of my stomach to the tips of my fingers to the ends of my toes…
I’d sing for joy hallelujah
I’d dance for I knew a new day had come
I’d hear again the voice of my father and I would shed sweet tears at the end.

I wish I could pray…

Our Father…..






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