Montserrat. Still home. Still nice.

Flag of Montserrat from the Open Clip Art website.

Flag of Montserrat

The Amerindians loved Allioguana
Land of the prickly bush.
Then  Columbus came and with a wave “discovered” Montserrat.
The Irish slaves who were forced to rape her fertile lands
saw home.
They Christened her the Emerald Isle or so the story goes.

Whatever it is
Whatever it may be
must take a few minutes
just cool
just breathe

Now stop.

Listen to the ocean hummmmm
the seabreeze tell his tale
smell the perfume from the blossoms

more potent than any ale.

Ash filled land
spring forth new life
travelers take note
somewhere buried deep inside
there’s treasure on this rock.

Allioguana natives lives
forever will entwine
the solid rocks
the black sand bays
that grace her fertile sides

Happy 50th Anniversary
Still home
Still mine.



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