Coronation of a guilty conscience

My heart aches
As it splits into four.

Why did I choose to open pandoras box of goodies?
That door.

I took a risk, feeling momentarily.
Awakening something…
the devil stirs within me.

I took a risk, and took it greedily.
Taking each plough, like my body was hungry.

I devoured and savoured every minute very second.
Till the mist was lifted and I saw again heaven.

I took a chance and now I’m burning
Help me Jesus.
Fill this yearning.
My soul is hungry.
It’s just hit empty.

Can’t find the key to start my engine.
The cost of refilling
Is high
Many lives are ended
Many souls entwined

Every aura around me is tainted.
I see the world as if it’s painted.

You over there your aura is tainted.
But my empathy is strong so I unwittingly cleanse it.
Now I am dirty.
I am unclean.

This queen is doomed to rule cisterns.

Nothing more. Nothing less.
Mother to rats, snakes all pests.

Embrace me.

I am your queen.
My throne of gold is a shitty latrine.

Embrace me world I am ur queen.

Tonight you witness the coronation of a whore queen.



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