The true meaning of Christmas

Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

What does that even mean?

You sit at a table and partake of a feast whilst watching Aunty Sharon get drunk on the mead.
I wish you a Merry Christmas
Focused on greed-I mean giving.
Celebrate Christmas whilst remembering our blessing.
Jesus was and is the greatest living
I wish you a merry Christmas
With gifts under the tree
Yes all that expenditure
now justified
Like your getting the goods for free…
For some out there
Christmas isn’t an option
Their perfect Christmas
Has already been aborted
Loved ones missing, dead or away
This Christmas,
cheer, is replaced by their tears.
My heart goes out to you this year.
How about that little boy dressed all in rags
His mind is filled with dreams of what he might have had.
Or the little girl
With a head full of dreams
She already knows true happiness isn’t under any tree


I wish you a merry Christmas
Though between you and me
I don’t really know what any of it is about
I just love the smell of tinsel, sounds of family and putting up the fake tree.


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