This is why I’m single…Disillusion

"A serious relationship"

“A serious relationship” (Photo credit: Toban Black)

I am so over dating…cause men be like “ahh I wanna take my time” and u be like “yeh me too”…then they be crying or punching walls coz u went to the movies with 2 other guys who really are just friends…

Or or you say, “look I aint no hit n run, if u wanna get in it…then you got to be iiin iiiit” and they like “yeh sweetie u like my soul mate” and u warn them. Sigh. You warn them and say, “uh huh…well im telling u now, if u bring any unnecessary stress to my life im going to make sure u remember my name for the rest of ur life”…they laugh it off…you catch feelings.  they say they got feelings too.

Then u find out they cheating,  they turn and say “baby its me it aint you…ur just too good for me…u make me feel guilty!” Now ur like, “well then leave”…and they like “but I love you”…and then ur like “but u sed….”

Well from now on I wont be dating…I shall have male friends and if one of my male friends and I fall for each other at the same time…he will marry me and if shit don’t work out he will pay me for my time…


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