This is why I’m Single…Part three As Luck would have it…



NB: Bob and Chip are and will always be the same person.


Chapter 3 🙂


So I walk away from Chip/Bob expecting never to see him again.  I kick myself all the way home from the show, and make, as you do, impossible demands of my friend…”If you love me you’ll get me him for Christmas” I say.


The reality is, I was scared to let go of my ex or rather the ensuing situation.  I had a daughter to think about and this was my first time out in almost a year…long for coming back home with another guys number…even if he was Adonis.


Over the next few weeks, I busy myself with work.  But I just can’t get him out of my head.  Every other conversation revolves around mystery guy with the muscles and the cheeky grin…(excuse me whilst I reminisce).


I ask my boy who he is, but he doesn’t know him personally just that he was there as a result of another friend…”Oh” is my dejected reply.


UNTIL!!!!!!!!!! (can you sense my excitement?)


About a month later, compleeeetely by accident, whilst helping this other friend, I ask, with as casual a tone as I can muster, about the performers from the show.  For my guile and initiative 😉 I am rewarded with Bob’s name. 😀 😀 😀
I wait till I’m alone and proceed to casually (I’m really good at giving off casual airs) do that bunny boiling thing most girls like to do, and type his name into Facebook.


I add him.
He accepts.
I scan all the important stuff…profile pics, tagged pics, mobile uploads,relationship status, age, location, occupation etc etc.  Some of the info isn’t there but there’s enough for me to build an online profile lol.


A notification pops up on my screen, it’s him trying to figure out how he knows me “am I a promoter.”
I tell him I’m a writer.  He tells me “wow God must have heard his prayers because he needs a writer asap for his project!”  I offer my services…and put all inappropriate thoughts into the ground.  In fact aside from complimenting my profile picture as he signed off…this guy clearly wasn’t interested…he was really polite and professional and complimentary (very good attributes to have) but that was it.
For me anyway, all romantic notions disappeared the second he mentioned work…:( yes, this is why I’m single lol…I need as much exposure as I can literally get (see what I did there?) but hey, at least I have a new friend!  Right?



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