The 4th Watch: Matthew 14:25

Jay Kesler, the former President of Youth for Christ and the current President of Taylor University, was on one of his frequent flights. When lunch was served the young man next to him declined a lunch tray. During the whole lunchtime this man sat with his head bowed, apparently in prayer. Kesler was impressed (and maybe a little humbled) by the man’s devotion. He commented to the young man that he wondered if he was a Christian because it appeared that he was fasting. The young man replied with words that shook Kelser to the core of his being. “I am a Satan worshiper and the members of my church have agreed to fast every Friday at noon. During that time we pray that the leaders of the Christian world will fall. We pray that they will fall into sexual sin, and that their family life would crumble.”

What is Prayer?

To me, prayer is

  • alone time with my Almighty father.
  • It is a time to discuss and reflect on my actions.
  • Ask for help, guidance, forgiveness.
  • A time to share in the joy of an achievement I could never have really got without his help.
  • My prayer is silent when with others and spoken out loud when alone.  I don’t know if there is a right or wrong way for praying….but of late I’ve been feeling that I don’t do it enough, with enough reverence or discipline…I pray when I remember basically….I’m hoping this is about to change.  They say in order to build a habit, good or otherwise…you need to do it consistently for 31 days? I think…(don’t quote me)
  • But more recently thanks to the wonderful teachings at New Harvest Community Church, prayer has become an instrument of well war…lets face it, we have all seen the films, where evil tries to take over the world and the only thing that saves in the end is intense, prayer, faith and sometimes a really good cross or bullets soaked in Holy Water o_0 lol

What is the fourth watch?

The fourth watch, is basically the time of night between the hours of 3am and 6am.  It is a time of great spiritual power.  In the bible the fourth watch is mentioned in Matthew 14:25…”and in the fourth watch of the night, Jesus went unto them walking on water”

Something wonderful is happening within the New Harvest Community Church, where Pastor Davis-Lawrence and her flock are aiming to gather an army of 5000 praying at some point during the hours of the 4th watch.  If you are strong enough to pray for the full three hours, go for it, but as long as you send up those prayers to God and in his name, decreeing that everything he is, is, and always shall be, you will have done some good. There is power in numbers, and for thousands across the globe to be united in prayer at the same time is a powerful thought in itself.  Lets make this happen guys!!!

I am not a member of this church, I have visited a few times, and were I closer or less lax…I would be.  So saying I am an avid believer in the power of prayer, and a lover of God so lets give these satanists some pressure and send our prayers up to God.

Check out the goodies below for a better explanation from Pastor Davis-Lawrence herself, prayers and links to the community page on fb so you can get connected and stay connected.

See YOU in the fourth watch.

Hunii xx



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