Prayer diary entry one Fourth watch

So this morning  21.01.2013 at 3am I woke up and began to pray.

I know I warned to have no expectations but wow by 3:07 I was done.

Loool SLACK!!!

As I finished I turned my attention to this post and remembered the draft pertaining to the other post I wrote. I haven’t prayed for any of my four main reasons (pause)

3.10 retreats to quiet place

3:22 I am bk…erm thanks to the Almighty for his blessings and guidance
Thanks for listening to me for those precious few minutes.

I believe though I might not necessarily see outright the outcome of these prayers, something good has taken sprout in the lives of those I prayed for
and in mine.

I am at peace.

I prayed silently

and this came to me,

Life isn’t easy.  If it is easy, I mean, if I don’t shed at least one large bucketful of tears then I’m doing something wrong.

You are never to be comfortable in another’s house well not to the point you never want to leave

This world belongs to the devil… Can it be reclaimed? I don’t know that’s alot of ppl to fight lol

I’m going to find a passage Galatians chapter 3 verse 26

Today‘s word is simply I am definitely the almighty s daughter thanks to my unending faith through his son Jesus Christ, or in Jesus name I am a child of the almighty? Dear God please clarify.

There are too many translations

Ok time is now 3:40

I get it only through faith in Christ am I a daughter of God.

Thanks… I wonder if anyone else received this scripture this morning.

If my writing seems fractured, strange, incoherent…I do apologise lol I’m literally just retyping what I wrote at the moment I wrote it….if you think this post is bad wait till you see the others…lol we’ll be lucky if we get an entire sentence.


Hunii xx

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