Hmmm so THAT’S a protective style?

Hmmm I’m not convinced.

Protective styles are so termed because, well, they protect your hair.  They aim to prevent breakage thereby assisting growth.  I hear a lot of naturals proclaim, not in these words but the tone of voice as they say it implies, “don’t be stupid.  A hairstyle doesn’t grow your hair.  Hair grows anyway”…to these naturals I proclaim….stop being pedantic 0_O

They are right though, but I’m sure you know that.  Hair grows when it’s in its natural state…and for some, it grows even better when it’s packed away…there are those whose hair grows and looks on pointe with no effort AT all.

The thing about protective styles is, you have to know what you’re doing.  You must know your hair and scalps limitations.  You must understand that though you want to look cute, stylish, and on trend…those desires can counteract your end goal…assuming you have one.

Take for instance this waist length, knee length down to your butt length, dookie (I heard someone else say this one), Havana twists, box braids, faux locs, singles craze that has resurfaced with a bang in the past year…. jheeze try saying that fast 3 times.

I’ve heard talk about moisturising hair, making sure your scalp is clean, deep conditioning prior to installation and all sorts….but I’ve not heard any talk about hairloss….it amazes me that all these well known individuals…haven’t lost any hair :O I mean growing up you heard constantly about the danger of having braids that were too fine or too long…the weight can break your hair…you might go bald…think of the mould lol

Well let me be the first to ashamedly state I took out two braids and hair came out with them…from my hairline…lucky for me I have loads of hair…and I don’t really pull my hair back so no one will notice lol…To be fair I knew I would lose that hair…because I could feel the tension.  I may have lost hair elsewhere, but because the section on my hairline was blonde it was immediately noticeable.

The hairdo culprit?
Crochet braided Waist length Senegalese Twists



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