Crochet braids, Waist length Senegalese Twists pt 1

DSC05797In my previous post Hmmm so THATS a protective style? I wrote rather briefly about hair loss sustained through my DIY attempt with Crochet braids, Waist length Senegalese Twists (mouthful) lol.

Sometime last year, I decided to self install some Marley twists using the Senegalese twist method…I did it twice in four months and both times I retained some good length.

Marley twists

I then went back to wearing a wig for the remainder of the yearwig
and some time after new years I thought hmmm id really like some waist length Senegalese twists!!!  Then I thought (in true crush an idea fashion) but that will take aaaages…then I’m gonna have to undo them to take them out…and finally  knowing my luck my hair will fall out….which then made me think of the time I got a really bad afro weave (Shanell) and to salvage it weave gone wrongI tried combing out and twisting the hair into havanaesque twists… which looked super cute aside from the fact you could see the tracks….which then made me think oooh I wonder if I could do some crochet braids and twist on that!!!!Few Google clicks later, I found, a picture by Coilssobeautiful and then a youtube video by onetruuniquelady.   I looked at a few how to install crochet braids and braid pattern videos and that was me set.

What I did

I went out and purchased 6 packs of Xpressions braiding hair which I cut in half
I prepped the hair for installing
I washed and conditioned my hair and braided using this pattern
I oiled my scalp
I tried three installation methods…hair beader which eventually snapped…a latch hook which kept getting hooked in my hair and a hair grip which is what I completed my hair with…
I then did what the tutorials said to do.  on the front top of my hair, where I  wanted visible parts I didn’t do the loop method I just twisted.  I felt doing it that way gave a more natural appearance.
Whilst twisting I used a mousse on the section I was working with

On completion of my Crochet braids, Waist length Senegalese Twists, I realised I had a problem….There was sooo much hair on my head and my chosen braid pattern meant I couldn’t let my scalp breathe…
Sleeping was not an issue but I would pack my hair on top of my head at night…
I got over excited whilst installing, and added hair  to the start of the cornrowed braid nearest my hair line….this meant whenever I pinned back the side of my hair to expose the blonde, or packed my hair on top of my head to sleep, there was a slight pull…not unbearable but noticeable enough for me to attempt and fail at removing the culprit a few times lol
I have a really sensitive scalp and facial skin? O_0  so oiling my scalp prior and adding mousse to the twists was a bad idea for me.
I only kept it in for three weeks as I needed to wash my scalp.
The takedown of the installation was pretty easy 1.5 hours coz I was faffing about 😀 look at ma fro fro sapphire is coming along nicely.

Would I do it again yes. In fact I’m sitting in my second install right now 😀 I’ll post a quick what I did differently tomorrow…along with a video of my new braid pattern…which by the way is amazing…not perfect, but close.

Ps the first pic is from my second and current install.

Click here to watch video related to this post

Kissseeehs Hunii


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