Crochet braid, waist length, senegalese twists pt 2

If you haven’t already, read part one here.

As promised here is a quick run through of what I did differently the second time I installed my *deep breath* Crochet braid, waist length, senegalese twists.As I showed in the video linked to pt1, removing the senegalese twists from the cornrows is extremely easy.  I was able to remove and keep each twist intact.  This was important to me as I intended to reuse the hair.  Because I was successful in my removal (I didn’t have to cut anything), installing this batch took me 4 hours as opposed to the 12 it took first time around…(I am a notoriously slow hair twister).  So I was able to focus solely on improving my almost perfect braid pattern.You can watch a video of my new pattern here

Step one
I did a scalp treatment to rid my hair of flakes
I deep conditioned my hair over night
I shampooed with an antioxidant shampoo this time I didn’t follow with a conditioner, leave in, cream or oil.
I cornrowed whilst damp this time I did the braids thicker and added some braiding hair.  This helped to reinforce the rows and made it easier for me to pick up the shorter strands.

Step two
I installed the hair using only the hair pin method
Because the hair was already twisted I had to do the interloc method throughout…I much prefer twisting the hair on the braid wherever I have a visible parting or hairline.
As you’ve probably noticed, I didn’t moisturise my hair prior to install.  This is a personal preference and due to my allergies and skin sensitivities I thought it best.
However I have been applying E45 to my hairline and the partings at the front of my hair.
I don’t apply gel or mousse, the texture of the braiding hair is such that it doesn’t need any help.I didn’t know this prior, but you can actually purchase pre twisted crochet braiding bundles. I think they are cute because they are all uniform and the ends are nicely sealed.  My only issue would be the length, and thickness of the twists.

This time around I began installing the hair a little bit in from the hairline in an attempt to avoid any further hair loss.  I sleep on a satin pillowcase so my hair hair is unrestricted and there is no tension on my follicles…this again is to prevent hair loss and a sweaty head.  I used less hair this time around and it was a lot less bulky.Aside from the initial twisting, this has got to be one of my favourite protective styles to date.  I’m really looking forward to doing an installation with long chunky marley twists  or even faux locs!!! I feel like my options are endless.Thanks for reading and watching (if you did)

The next post will be a lil different ok a lot different but it should be a good one so follow me to remain in the loop (har har har get it in the loop? crochet???? no? seen it’s cool….. …. .. .. . )

Hunii xxx


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