Revolution, bees, taxes

I saw five dead bees in one ten minute walk fat bumble bees just passed out on the ground. Not all together mind….

Anyway I just wondered
If we stopped paying taxes would they gun us down?
If we took all our money and put it safely in the ground, changed notes to coins and left their banks barren….
Would they call us terrorists separate us from our children?
The interest we desire is promotion of self
A chance to survive with no one to tell us, why not. How not, do not live well. They offer solutions which lead us to death. It’s all well and good as long as we remain indebted…I’d call for a rebellion but a lot of you lack cause and would just be new villains.
How do you create a wave of rejuvenation
If all you’ve got
Is broken chains and hungry for likes revolution… Who do you trust when your entire life’s been half lies and the truth isn’t really in front of your eyes
When no one understands
The reason you cry
When the bees at your feet are struggling to fly
And you know time is running out
But what do you do
When the only way for change to begin is
YOU. – HuniiMGray 2014



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