Listening when God speaks

Trying Hard

Trying Hard (Photo credit: Alland Dharmawan)

Tears run down her face.
Heart beats in a race.
Everything around her seems to be crumbling inwards.
Every wall she held dear…it’s all become clear
Things aren’t as they seemed to be.

She tries to avert her eyes but her will is not strong.
She tries to hold back the ohmmmmm
but her body is becoming numb.
Yet her mind, enriched with the knowledge of what was to come is alive and in colour.

Enslaved with a passion to be satisfied only by God.
She tries to avert her eyes.
Her will it’s not strong.
She’s frozen in time.
Her memories begin to decline.
All she remembers are the good times.

She hears a little laughter, imagines it’s her daughter.
She wants to turn and look
but this lesson can’t be found in a book…so she pays attention.

She tries to ask a question.
In her mind he stops her –

“Just listen.”

She doesn’t try to look away.
Her will is now synchronized as they say.
She no longer requires a revelation.
Her path has been lightened



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