Prayer during the Fourth Watch…

The Christian Martyrs' Last Prayer

The Christian Martyrs’ Last Prayer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why do I pray?

As this is all to do with the fourth watch, I shall keep in the theme of things and mention MY four reasons for prayer…

  1. Understanding

Prayer is the only way to ensure a personal meeting with the Almighty.  If there is something that troubles your mind, pray for understanding.  Ask that God reach farther into your heart and mind and unlock the door that holds the answer.

  1. Worship

    Prayer is the most opportune time to sing praises and love unto the Almighty.

  2. Wisdom

    It is one thing to have knowledge.  How you use this knowledge or the gifts bestowed on you…how you choose to approach daily occurrences is down to wisdom.  Ask God for the wisdom to see through any adversity, test or trial that may be in your way or someone else’s.

  3. Healing

    We have all experienced some level of hurt.  Be it spiritual, physical, mental or emotional, ask for the gift of healing.  I ask for this gift that I may help others around me…of late I’ve begun to ask for it myself.  There is only so many times you can take on the hurt of someone else, before it starts to accumulate and manifest within your spirit.

What I pray for

  • It may sound clichéd, but I pray on a regular for an army that will help restore humanity.  World peace, goodwill to all men I know it is possible.  If only good was willing to overcome.  This sentiment of mine might seem naïve to many, but hey, it ain’t over till the last trumpet blows so to speak.
  • I pray for friends, family, complete strangers.  Of late I find myself saying or thinking I’m praying for you in relation to conversations or something I’ve seen. (I really hope someones praying for me boy)
  • I pray for my mother and daughter…If either is sick or going through something I consider as too much for them to bare…I ask it be passed to me so I may fight it…
  • I pray for more opportunities lol I like to think the wisdom I am gaining through prayer has taught me not to ask for the end product, but rather for the vision to see the signs which will lead me to the end product.  I no longer worry about what I will be in the future.  I know.  I’m just trying to get there as humbly and as in the Almighty’s favour as I can.
  • Sometimes I just speak.  The Almighty is the only father I have known.  I have rebelled, laid blame, made promises, broken promises, stubbornly refused to do what I was told.  All with the love of a faithful daughter in my heart.  So sometimes I just speak.  It’s easy because I having being bought up as a Catholic, I’m always under the impression that he’s sees everything I do… well KNOWS everything I do.  Conversations with the Almighty are really helpful.
  • I am aware of the spiritual battles being fought on our behalf.  Not because I’ve been told this or taught this but I know none the less.  I don’t pray enough for protection from ill will.
  • My prayer fluctuates between disciplined and simply forgotten.  I can tell you this though, a constant routine of prayer and reading the word, can make a world of difference.  Don’t go into it with any expectations…just good intentions.  I say this because expectations might prevent you from receiving your word…. We all remember the story of the person stranded at sea asking for God’s help?
  • Most of all when I pray I always ask that God uses me and guides me to do his will.  Sometimes I consciously choose the other option because I am more afraid of the present than the future.  But I’m hoping that in these days of prayer, I can overcome this.

Share with me your prayer techniques…

What do you pray for?

What have you realised?

See below for some links to the Woman of God who inspired me to pray more, and her vision to get the rest of the world praying too.

Hunii x


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