CurlTalk…I’m thinking of going natural can you suggest any tips?

Hi guys, be you male or female I hope the following pointers help you.

In terms of your hair,I don’t know what your hair is like but I found when I started on my journey, these things helped me. I’m going to keep it pretty brief coz I could write you a book lol!

1. When transitioning the less you do with your hair the better. So believe it or not, if you really don’t want to cut your hair as yet, weaving it might be your best option lol. It is the least time consuming anyway.   Just make sure to deep condition every time you get a chance to wash your hair, and trim your ends frequently.

2.your hairs two best friends are moisture and protein. I’m not going to suggest hair products unless you want me too lool because everyones hair is different and everyones body reacts differently to different things….If it works for you, do it. If however you are going down the healthy hair and lifestyle route, then there are things you should avoid.

3.The less heat you apply to your hair the better. So go for a full head weave if you can.

4. now you have two textures on your head i.e. the regrowth and the straight ends, the part where both textures meet is incredibly fragile. AVOID combing your hair without it being soaking wet and saturated in conditioner. Fructis Garnier conditioners were my best friends lol 99p-1.00 per bottle I’d slap it on and detangle using either a wide tooth comb, paddle brush or denman brush. Find which you prefer and which causes least breakage and go for it.

5. Your hair essentially needs three things, water to moisturise, cream to soften and style and oil to seal in moisture.

I like to add to this vegetable glycerin, as it really softens the hair. Too much is a sticky mess too little might have no effect…again personal choice.
Oils which provide moisture jojoba, avocado and coconut.
Sheabutter is really good at helping to soften, set and define certain hair styles.
Styling aids such as eco styler gel, jane carter curl and define and sheamoisture smoothie custard are really good and all are available within the UK from sites below.

These websites, sheabuttercottage, goodyboxuk, roseboxuk, gidore, natural boudoir are all really great places to stock up on oils and ready made products.conditioner.

Great Uk brands that I’ve tried and liked are BeUnique haircare products and TLC Naturals haircare line, I’ve heard really good things about Mahogany Naturals.

You tube is a really really great place to find information…literally just type what you want to do or find out in the box and go for it….but please know that some of these people are A) paid to give good reviews B) haven’t actually tried some of the products C) may not have your hair or intolerances (allergies if you have any lol) Watching youtube really helped inspire me on my journey.

Now as for retaining length…drink loads of water. Satin and silk are your hairs best friend, stay away from sharp clips hairbands with silver bits lol

In a nutshell
Deep Condition
Trim hair when twisted and only the skinny ends
Drink Loads of Water
Detangle on wash days whilst hair is conditioning
No heat (if you can Satin and Silk Oils, moisture and cream moisturising shampoos and conditioners…preferably for natural hair or colour treated hair as it’s not as stripping…Tresseme Naturals moisturising is amazing…Philip Kingsley Extreme Moisturising is as well.
Now i think I’m going to upload this to my blog minus your name and my number loooool Any other questions, please feel free to ask.



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