Attraction and ovulating

Soo today I jokingly responded to my Twitters generic “what’s happening” with ovulating.

It’s my go to excuse when ever I find myself inexplicably attracted to a member of the hairier sex. By inexplicable I mean positively mute, hot sweats, pretty live dreams, the lot (insert facepalm emoji)

It has been scientifically proven that woman should not trust her loins, mind, or emotions when it comes to men… especially, around or during ovulation and I guess in my case the full moon!

I’m not even kidding Cosmo (because this is where I look for things scientific in regards to my sexual being) yeh must’ve been Cosmo coz they do a pretty explanatory grown folk section lol idle I know.

Anyway, I read somewhere that when ovulating, The most levelheaded and demure of women suddenly find themselves attracted to bearded,(ffs my subconscious going off on one again)

FIND themselves attracted to men that seem more virile, authoritative and of erm stronger physique?

Reason being the body is on the hunt for a suitable mate…not the same as a life mate. This is why you never begin a random relationship with Bob from down the pub because 14 days later you might be regretting it.

I was going to end somewhere around there but I beg you for the love of all that is good please guys just go to if you don’t believe me! Type in ovulation and attraction! LOL it gets scientifically much worst! Still, based on my experiences some seem slightly legit…what about you?

until next time…


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