Celebrate Valentine’s Day alone.

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, how will you celebrate? My mind has started drifting towards things like the perfect date night, the present man, the optional outfit. The fact that it is a guarantee that nowadays whenever Valentine’s day is mentioned it is usually followed by the words “massacre”, “consumerism”, and, “what about the other 364 days in the year”. Or that said words always spring from the mouths of men, or the mouths of women who’ve had the thought implanted at some stage of their I don’t like having as many extra special loving days throughout my year development, (I speak only on the people I know, don’t come for me guys just own it). It is also a fact that it is mostly geared towards couples.

So this year rather than trying to understand why not me, I thought I would have a night celebrating me being single. This isn’t a new concept by any means, but what it is, is me putting myself out there today rather than sitting at home on Valentine’s day drinking wine, whilst munching chocolate in front of a cheesy rom-com, how cliched is that statement! I mean the last thing I’ve ever wanted to do is watch someone else, fake happily ever after, whilst adding more fat to my well-hidden torso…

Nooope instead, I will go to the Theatre to watch, a thought-provoking piece touching on the many issues surrounding identity, drink a Bacardi and cola then take a walk to the pizza shop and have myself an individual Margherita whilst browsing through my social media timelines and drafting the review. FUN TIMES!!!

Then I’ll relive it all over again here just for you guys!

But even better than that, I thought why not put together a list of things that we singles can do alone but together! And hopefully, you guys share your experiences with me so I can anonymously or not, if that’s your preference, share on the site and my social media? OMG, I’m very excited.

Too often people get caught up in the idea of being with someone else and forget how to exist on their own. Do both, and do it well I say. Apart of wellbeing and mindfulness is knowing yourself, I’m single half because I don’t want to commit to something that could potentially fail…that is unhealthy and the other 50% is the times I did commit to something that could potentially fail, without me at the helm it failed. (I’m not a boat rower I just wanna hold my proverbial parasol and watch his biceps work)

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this List

1- Cook yourself a fancy meal or go out for dinner, either way, you dress up apply make-up whatever you do on special occasions, take some pics and enjoy your company whilst owning you…a journal could be your date…have a conversation with you.

2-Have a spa night in, or if you can afford it book a hotel for the night and have at it with their facilities, gym, swimming pool, spa.

3- Road trip with friends or even on your own…take a good book, download a podcast and bring a camera and a journal.

4- Movie night, at home or at the cinema, order in, get popcorn and a lush I mean large slushie mmmm

5- If like me you’re a lone parent, involve the kids in the activities, let them see you flourish.

6- Whatever you damn like. You are Single, it is not a negative, there are no rules, you aren’t going to die, do whatever makes you happy.

Remember however you choose to celebrate Valentine’s comment below and let me know.


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