Avoiding Dance Mom Drama

10 ways to avoid dance mom drama.

1 The principal is always right… unless she loves Marmite and flares… NEVER question why your child isn’t getting as much as another.
No one likes an entitled helicopter mummy, we pretend to but we don’t (ouch awkward). The stress you bring is NOT nice! so Stop. Right. Now because it will lead to you leaking money and time you really weren’t prepared to spend, and you ‘blocking their blessings.’

2 If your dance teacher gives a solo just be confident they know what they are doing because they would never give more than your child can handle. Obviously know your child well enough to know if they are having a mental breakdown.

3 No one likes a whiner.

4 Don’t try to understand why your kid can’t do a back bend but will try to do an aerial.

5 Know if she won’t do it at home for you… She will do it immediately for the judges or her dance school principal that includes tidying her room.

6 Being able to drive or having a great sense of logistics is a must. You will travel literally everywhere. Learn to plan and pack light.

8 100% dedicated dance mums need to be part-time, self-employed or marry rich.

9 Tupperware, cooler bags, Ziploc bags, hair grips, bobby pins, scrunchies, hair donuts, safety pins, hairspray, makeup kit, gel,black sharpie, double sided tape, hip flask (just checking), water, plasters, tweezers, spray bottle (for hyper kids) and baby wipes are necessities.

10 TheArt of Sandwich Making
How to Pimp a Packed Lunch
What Drinks Pack the Most Energy but won’t create hyperactive kids…should all be on your book list. *

… number 7 involved alcohol but here’s a nice helpful point instead…try, and I’m bad at this of late, but please keep on top of all information distributed by the head… be it via email, handout, meetings or pigeons… if for some reason you’re still confused, ask another parent and in the event that fails, ask the head themselves….unless of course it’s something really important in which case it’s always better to get it from the heads mouth…

Though the journey is tough the end is always worth it.
Stay calm. Be nice. Stay humble. Have fun. Be prepared and you’re almost 100% guaranteed to avoid the drama that sometimes comes with being a Dance Mom


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