Listening when God speaks

She tries to ask a question.
In her mind he stops her –

“Just listen.”


Revolution, bees, taxes

I saw five dead bees in one ten minute walk fat bumble bees just passed out on the ground. Not all together mind….

This is why I’m single…Disillusion

I am so over dating…cause men be like “ahh¬†I wanna take my time” and u be like “yeh me too”…then they be crying or punching walls coz u went to the movies with¬†2 other guys who really are just friends… Or or¬†you say, “look I¬†aint no hit n run, if u wanna get in it…then…

Coronation of a guilty conscience

My heart aches As it splits into four. Why did I choose to open pandoras box of goodies? That door. I took a risk, feeling momentarily. Awakening something… the devil stirs within me. I took a risk, and took it greedily. Taking each plough, like my body was hungry. I devoured and savoured every minute…

Montserrat. Still home. Still nice.

The Amerindians loved Allioguana Land of the prickly bush. Then ¬†Columbus came and with a wave “discovered” Montserrat. The Irish slaves who were forced to rape her fertile lands saw home. They Christened her the Emerald¬†Isle¬†or so the story goes. Whatever it is Whatever it may be must take a few minutes just cool just…

The Spiritual eye…Opening the right door

I’m standing inside a¬†perfectly square¬†pale grey room. There are no windows.¬† No¬†lights.¬†¬†Yet its bright enough to see. Behind me is a¬†creaky old oak door. Under it I see a sliver of golden light. I hear slightly muffled noises coming from behind it. In front of me is a metal door, with ice blue window panelling…I…