Jewelry by NyDesignz…Bangles

I am an avid collector of bangles…I LOVE them…it’s got to the point where I don’t need to buy anymore…however if I see one that is unique and suitable…calling my name like Huuuniii Huuuunnnii I’ll get it.

This bangle by NyDesignz, is simple and delicate…it rests nicely on my wrists.  I love it because one, it’s not made to detract from an outfit…you know how sometimes you wear an outfit…its casual and understated because you want your jewelry to do the speaking?  This bangle doesn’t talk it compliments.  I view it as an elegant feature as opposed to trendy and the fact that it’s wrapped in Ankara cloth increases its appeal to my Afrocentric side.  Something else I also found special was the accompanying scripture that came tied to the bangle 🙂

NyDesignz is an upcoming brand specialising in creating contemporary styles using Ankara and Kente prints.   Whether you favour bold and bright statement pieces or more muted and subtle accents; you are sure to find something to suit your taste.  Check them out at


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