CurlTalk…I’m thinking of going natural can you suggest any tips?

In terms of your hair,I don’t know what your hair is like but I found when I started on my journey, these things helped me. I’m going to keep it pretty brief coz I could write you a book lol!


Listening when God speaks

She tries to ask a question.
In her mind he stops her –

“Just listen.”

Prayer during the Fourth Watch…

Why do I pray? As this is all to do with the fourth watch, I shall keep in the theme of things and mention MY four reasons for prayer… Understanding Prayer is the only way to ensure a personal meeting with the Almighty.  If there is something that troubles your mind, pray for understanding.  Ask that…

Crochet braid, waist length, senegalese twists pt 2

If you haven’t already, read part one here. As promised here is a quick run through of what I did differently the second time I installed my *deep breath* Crochet braid, waist length, senegalese twists.As I showed in the video linked to pt1, removing the senegalese twists from the cornrows is extremely easy.  I was able…

Crochet braids, Waist length Senegalese Twists pt 1

In my previous post Hmmm so THATS a protective style? I wrote rather briefly about hair loss sustained through my DIY attempt with Crochet braids, Waist length Senegalese Twists (mouthful) lol. Sometime last year, I decided to self install some Marley twists using the Senegalese twist method…I did it twice in four months and both times…

Hmmm so THAT’S a protective style?

Hmmm I’m not convinced. Protective styles are so termed because, well, they protect your hair.  They aim to prevent breakage thereby assisting growth.  I hear a lot of naturals proclaim, not in these words but the tone of voice as they say it implies, “don’t be stupid.  A hairstyle doesn’t grow your hair.  Hair grows anyway”…to these…

Pads, Tampons, Mooncups, Period

Mooncups have a weird rep I don’t want to say bad, because I like hippies but I remember sitting at a poetry night listening to this awesome poet guy make reference to a Mooncup wearing woman as a negative…inwardly I cringed, outwardly I remained straight-faced furtively glancing to see if anyone could tell I was currently that woman?