Introducing…Fetchro Boy Apparel

Hey guys!  I’m here with the founder and co-owner of Fetchro Boy Apparel.  A new clothing line set to take the UK by storm in 2013. It effortlessly merges old school ideal with graphic prints that are fresh, up to date and sometimes political.

Created by – young entrepreneur and resident blogger over at Flownerdia – Barin Baker, Fetchro boy is surely one to look out for, whether you are a new age activist who figures if big brother’s watching then you may as well do it looking fresh, or just someone who is appreciative of graphic art and well executed design, Fetchro boy is the one for you.

Hey Baker

Hi Hunii.

Tell us, what is Fetchro Boy?

Uhm… Fetchro Boy… lol I was actually asking myself this the other day…it’s not an acronym I’m not too sure of the correct grammatical term but it’s the merging together of two words.  Retro and Futuristic.  Yeah.  Fetchro boy is basically keeping things futuristically retro its aim is to up cycle as opposed to recycle the trends and ideals of the past.

When did it all start

The idea came about in 2007 after I came back from Nigeria.  Designs and ideas were jotted down for creating a clothing line, but it didn’t become a physical reality till 2011.

How far do you want to push it?

As far as possible! I’m talking more than retail, the entertainment industry just for starters!  But I can see it going further than that as in if another business opportunity arose maybe not even along the line of entertainment I would go for it.

Wow entertainment?! I thought Fetchro Boy was just about clothes?

The initial dream was to have our own apparel line.  One that stood out from mainstream fashion and carried a message, in this case I’m a bit disillusioned with the Government and the way a lot of people take what they see/hear in the media as gospel so some of our designs are meant to be though provoking, inspirational, and let’s face it, today even being out of the box is mainstream! So yeah seeing as I like movies, arts, music and fashion I thought to merge them especially after studying media and film.

Can you explain the logo please?

Every kid has their own story growing up and I’ve always kept it in my head, that no matter what I choose to do in life, the entire world must know about it…not necessarily me, but my legacy…the boy must be televised so that’s where the whole TV comes into play and the Fetchro Boy on screen? It’s simple Look out for us, we’ll soon be coming to a screen near you!

Well thank you for taking time to sit with me,just one more thing before we go…erm Fetchro Girl?

LOL! I was waiting for that question.  Fetchro Boy is the brand name however we will be catering for the ladies in terms of styling, cut, design etc. LOL

LOL, that’s alright then, just had to make sure.  Thanks again for taking time and I wish you all the best in future ventures.

For more info or to be kept up to date with this promising line, @FetchroBoy on twitter or find them on facebook as Fetchro Boy Apparel

Thanks for reading

Hunii xx


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