Pads, Tampons, Mooncups, Periods.

What products can be used for periods?

A question that is asked by parents and females looking for alternatives world over.

Hi! I’m a young(ish) nubile, fertile female and I’m allergic to many of the newer conventional sanitary pads out there.  Yep, I’m the unlucky sod (but not alone) that has to deal with the after-effects of a painful rash after going through the trauma of bleeding, shedding tissue for *whispers loudly for dramatic effect* SEVEN DAYS…though I don’t recall having any tampon issues, I haven’t used one in years due to my flow being heavier than their absorbency rate ¬_¬.

As a result, I’ve begun looking for other methods of keeping fresh and clean during my cursed days fated to surf the crimson tide.  The two alternatives I’ve found are reusable pads and Mooncups.

I chose Mooncup.


 Mooncups are by no means the only menstrual cup out there.  However, I think (don’t quote me) I think they are the first…you know the mummy of all cups?  Also, Mooncups are the only menstrual cups I’ve tried.

Mooncups have a weird rep I don’t want to say bad because I like hippies but I remember sitting at a poetry night listening to this awesome poet guy make reference to a Mooncup wearing woman as a negative…inwardly I cringed, outwardly I remained straight-faced furtively glancing to see if anyone could tell I was currently that woman?  Anywho, in short, I found my Mooncup to be pretty amazing…My seven day period whittled down to 4 days.  There was no rash.  Initially, I spent £22 on the item but its reusable and lasts till you don’t want it anymore…mine lasted five months, but that’s because I cut it much too short.

To see more of what I thought of the Mooncup, click here to be taken to my review on YouTube.

Did you know?

  • Periods are your body’s way of ridding itself of tissue lining found in your womb/uterus/baby hotel.  this lining acts as a cushioning for a fertilized egg if you become pregnant (if you are a he and reading this, obviously you in this sense means her)If the egg doesn’t get fertilized, that lining is released from the body through the vagina.      This is your period and is called menstruation.
  • Each month on average about 80mls (that’s loads!) is shed      (don’t quote me I found that on an online medical site)
  • “Researchers don’t know exactly how tampons may cause toxic shock syndrome. Some believe that when superabsorbent tampons are left in place for a long time, the tampons become a breeding ground for bacteria. Others have suggested that the superabsorbent fibers      in the tampons can scratch the surface of the vagina, making it possible      for bacteria or their toxins to enter the bloodstream.” Mayo Clinic
  • Pads which are scented or deodorised can cause irritation of the vagina or an allergic reaction.
  • Many conventional sanitary pads include latex, a potential allergen.
  • The other alternative to tampons and disposable pads are reusable pads, these can be washed after each wearing.  They either snap on to your panties or have a      special holder.
  • No matter what kind of pad you choose, it is important to change often to eliminate the build-up of bacteria and prevent odor.
  • Tampons can also come with or without deodorant which is unnecessary as tampons are internal so no air contact equals no smell.  Like pads, this deodorant can cause adverse reactions.  Like pads, they should be changed often to prevent infections, spotting or leakage on your underwear or clothing.
  • Menstrual Cups (like my Mooncup) are also inserted inside the vagina.  The difference is it catches blood before it enters the vagina as opposed to absorbing it as it makes its way out.  Some are reusable and need to be emptied;      others disposable and to be discarded.

Why I chose the Mooncup

I didn’t want to wash pads.
I had no other choice.

Why I like Mooncup

It works.
My period is done in four days instead of seven (see video).
No smell.
No dirty Minge.
Saves me money.
I can keep it in my pocket just in case I get surprised.
No one knows what it looks like so if I forget it on my boyfriend’s shower stand he won’t think anything…well now he might but I’m single so I won’t worry about that.
It’s eco-friendly.
And definitely healthier and perfect for sensitive souls like myself.

What I didn’t like

It stabbed me with its tail
Removal can be tricky

What you might not like

It’s pretty invasive.
If you’re squeamish you’ll have to close your eyes.
There’s a squelch when the seal releases o_O

Update: Since writing this post there have been other products and brands released on the market. It pays to do research and perhaps contact companies directly for samples before deciding on what is the best product to use for your period.

4 thoughts on “Pads, Tampons, Mooncups, Periods.

  1. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good.
    I do not know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t
    already 😉 Cheers!

  2. I am so ignorant when it comes to the mooncup. I use sanitary towels and just throw them away for the landfill which is not good, I just imagine a cup in your wooha spilling over and some sort of mess…not that I am ever flowing that heavily hahaha ok let me stop this is all going wrong…I will have to read more


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