Love perfume? Love dupes.

I love to smell good! I love perfumes and I love a bargain. So let me keep this brief… if you’re on a tight budget, have kids who love touching your sugar honey ice tea, are an only child or aren’t but don’t want guests bathing in your £2 plus per ml bottle of Gucci edp, or perhaps you’re tired of letting gift sets, freebie extras, sales and being gifted be the determining factor in where and when you get a new bottle… AND LOOOVE TO SMELL GOOOOOOOODUH! Let me bring you in to the world of parfum dupes. I love dupes and if you don’t already, here’s my reasons why.

First up, and by far the most pocket friendly; we have Poundland. Yep I said it, Poundland be doing the most with their “inspired by” fragrances in the ugly ass packaging, but at a price range of £1 -£4 per 90-100ml, I say keep it in the box and spray it liberally just because lol.

Let’s take a look at my latest haul.

Queen in Million, Lady Million, Paco Rabanne – Piquant, Olympea, Paco Rabanne – Miss Bonne, Good Girl, Carolina Herrera – Belle Femme, Coco, Chanel – Lily Petals, Daisy, Marc Jacobs – Beau Reve, la Vie est Belle, Lancôme

Are they worth it? Yes.

Are they spot on? Very very veeeery close. Now I’m not saying I’m a sniffer connoisseur but my eyesight is pretty bad so some other sense must compensate right?

Have I smelt the mens line? No.

Do I have a favourite? Yes, two actually, Sensuous Rose (not pictured) and Miss Bonne.

Obviously nothing beats the original but this is a better way of testing out new notes over a longer period of time.

Let me know what you think, any dupes I should try, etc etc ☺️


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